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25 December 2011 @ 11:43 pm
faq & about under cut
anything not posted, please ask in a comment to this thread.

what is this blog?
This is a way for me to share my sims 2 creations, decorating, families, stories, and favorite objects with the sims 2 community. With the popularity of the sims 3, the number of Sims 2 players is dwindling and it's becoming harder to find quality downloads. Dazzle Me Sims 2 will feature 'finds', or links to other downloads, as well as original creations

what original creations will I find here?
The only original creations you will find here are sims, lots and clothing. Unfortunately, I play the sims 2 from a mac, and there is currently no software for color editing sims 2 objects on a mac, so I'm limited to body shop. You will, however, find other original content such as stories and tutorials.

who are you?
My name is Samantha, I'm 19 years old, and I go to school in New Orleans. In real life, I love to sew and create clothes and my sims 2 creations are a virtual extension of that hobby. I have a tumblr --> HERE <-- and also a great deal of stuff happening in the real world, which is why this site may not always be active.

why do your creations suck?
If you don't like them I apologize, but please keep harsh words to yourself. I'm not very picky about shoulders lining up etc. So the creations I choose to share may not be perfect for every player. I choose to share what I make because I'm sure there are other players like me who don't sweat the littlest of details. Frankly, I'm a beginner with limited software. If you don't like it don't download it.

where can I find...?
If you want to know about an item in a picture I post, I'll most likely be able to help you out. I'd also be able to help out with questions like 'Where can I find good walls', but I probably can't help you find a random object from someone elses Sims 2 pics. Sorry. You can post any WCIF questions as a comment in this thread.

will you include my creations in your sims 2 finds?
Maybe. I will only post creations that I would download for my game, and I try to keep my game quite clean. If you want me to check out your site, feel free to post a comment on this post or on the opening post and I'll take a look. There are certain things that are more likely to be reposted in my finds than others. Some of these things are: Maxis recolors (esp. base game), vintage-y clothing & objects, grungy walls & floors, pooklet'd/pastel color hair, interesting glasses.

can I request clothing?
Yes! I would LOVE it if you requested clothing, but it isn't a guarantee that I'll make it. If you make a request, you MUST include link(s) to pictures of what you want. I'm happy to try and make  anything from a cute sweater you found on the internet to an outfit from your favorite fandom. Keep in mind, I DO NOT MESH.This means that if the outfit you want has a super complicated silhouette or big bows all over it, I won't be able to make it unless I can easily find a similar mesh or you can provide one.

why do some of your tooltips say 'made by jodeusp'?
Like many of you, I have many online aliases. Before opening this site, I posted several creations on TSR using the username 'jodeusp'. I was simply too lazy to change them. Don't worry though, they are still made by me and were not stolen.